The San Diego PoetrySLAM is slowly becoming one of the nation’s premiere poetry slam venues. It provides a space for poets of all skill levels to fellowship and support each other in a competitive atmosphere while facilitating a transformational experience for the audience.  

Frequently Asked Questions/ Rules

How often does the slam happen?

The San Diego PoetrySLAM happens on the 2nd Monday of every month 

Is a slam the same as an open mic?

Not exactly, a slam is a competition with judges 

What is a Qualifier?

Qualifiers are 2 round slam competitions and the top competitors will qualify for the Grand Slam Finals. 



How many Qualifiers are there?

There will be 5 qualifiers. The top 3 from September, November, December, January and the top 2 February will qualify for finals in March. Finals will have 14 poets

How do I sign up for the slam?

2 slots will be reserved for current slam team members. 


1 slot reserved for slam alumni.


The next 7 slots will be 1st come 1st serve and we will have a lottery for the last 4 slots. 



(If there are no slam team members competing, the slot (s) can be given to slam alumni, or they will be added to 1st come 1st serve)

The sign up deadline is 7:40 pm 

Where do I sign up? 

You can sign up at the venue. The line for poets is on the Southside of the entrance (if you're facing the door, it's on the right side)

How many poems should I have?

All competitors should have at least 3 poems

Do my poems have to be memorized?

No, poems do not have be memorized

Is there a time limit?

Yes, poems have to be under 3 minutes and 10 seconds

Can I wear a costume or use a prop?

No, costumes and props are not allowed and will lead to disqualification  


Can I compete in every Qualifier?

Participants cannot compete in back to back qualifiers.


For example, if a poet competes in the September qualifier, they cannot compete in October, but they can participate in November.  We will only make an acceptation if the list is short. In this case, we will have a lottery for the remaining slot (s)


Is there a repeat rule?

If you earn a spot in the Grand Slam Finals, the poems that were used to qualify are retired and you cannot use them in the finals 

How do I make the team?

The top competitors of the season will qualify for the finals and the top 5 from the finals will be the slam team

When does the season start?

The season began in September  






Queen Bee's

3925 Ohio St.

San Diego, CA 92104

Tel: 619-255-5147

2nd Monday of 

every month. $5 


8 pm - 10:30 pm

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